Highland Sheep Games English 7


Between all of our tasks we of course also had to have a regular exchange of ideas. We employed modern technology like screen sharing, video conferences and of course the good old telephone. But by far the best were our actual meetings: discussion, testing and then a tasty business lunch. ;-)).

And now it’s finally time: The Highland Sheep Games are done! Suitable for players age six and up because they are without bloodshed and stress-free to play. You need a little dexterity, concentration and a taste for 2D comic-style graphics. If you like sheep and scottish landscapes, that’s a plus..

Main menu screen

A reminder: If you’re interested in the whole story of Conner MacSheep in English please visit your bookshop or follow the links on the book-pages at this homepage. Thank you!

Good luck and have fun


Elfi Schöniger

Vera Rothweil

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