Highland Sheep Games Development

It all started on a summer evening out walking in a tiny village in the Scottish Highlands. We – my husband, daughter and I – enjoyed the spicy evening air. The sky was clear and adorned with a sensationally bright full moon. Silence. The silhouette of a large deciduous tree loomed against the horizon. Suddenly – a friendly Bähähä and another and another …

A whole flock of sheep greeted us. In my head came a picture that was firmly anchored in my head: a moon-addicted sheep stands on a hill and bluffs the moon with its pink ears upright, a kind of sheep.

I liked this idea so much that it became „The Legend of Conner MacSheep“. And because the images in my head were so vivid, the story was also created as a graphic novel. That could have been enough, but the sheep were still static.

Until now! My daughter and I breathed life into the sheep. I painted it. She digitally taught her to walk.

Mom with whiny lamb – static

Mom with whiny lamb – moving

Over the next few days we will tell the story of how the game was created, something different every day. We hope you enjoy reading!

Elfi Schöniger

Vera Rothweil