Conner MacSheep – Graphic Novel english

As I mentioned before, there were so many images that came to mind while I was writing that I started looking for an artist who was interested in bringing the story to life.
As luck would have it, I met Johann Karpp at the children’s and young people’s book fair in Saarbrücken. He was immediately enthusiastic about the were-sheep and volunteered to be a cartoonist.
Since we were quite far apart, we often emailed, wrote and made phone calls. And finally the story was finished.

Part 1 tells Conner’s life from his birth to his teenage years, including the Highland Sheepgames.

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Part 2 describes first love, the dangerous pull of the moon and Conner’s brave attempts to defy the ominous omen.

Orders at Books on Demand

A beautyfully imagined and written story!
Scottish sheep can talk: At least that is what tradition claims: in ancient times, sheep bones were used to predict the future. Likewise their leather was used for the bag of this mysterious instrument, the bagpipe, which is still used in the telling of ballads and calls to merry dance today.
Prophecies can come true: Ever since his birth, a curse binds Conner MacSheep’s destiny to the full moon. One night this connection shows itself in a horrifying fashion …
Your fate lies in your own hands: This is our hero’s motto. He doesn’t dread any challenge, welcomes the adventure and discovers…
Conner MacSheep experiences all of this in the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish Highlands with their inviting towns, open-hearted people and supported by his clan.


Here are some side insights: