Highland Sheep Games – English

Indie game from VES – Can also be played with English explanations

Vera Rothweil (game designer) and Elfi Schöniger (author and illustrator) designed, programmed and drew a computer game over the course of two years.
The 2D PC game is based on the satirical novel “The Legend of Conner Mac Sheep” and the Highland games for sheep by Elfi Schöniger described there.
She drew and set everything to music in comic style, with self-recorded sounds and music from Scotland.
Vera Rothweil organized, programmed and designed the playful concept. It was the first work for each of the creators and anyone interested in this work can read the story of its creation (postmortem) here.

The game was actually supposed to be presented brilliantly with a party because it was such a long “lonely” job, but in Corona times…

And that’s why the indie gamers have decided to give everyone a little entertainment. The game can be played by ages 6 and up, but all of the test players in their mid to late 30s really had a lot of fun with it and didn’t find it that easy ;))

To the download page:

OR Read the wonderful developement story first 😉