Highland Sheep Games English 1


At our first meeting we began to develop game concepts. Soon it became clear that the Highland Sheep Games from the book would be best suited for us. Now everything depended on the possibilities for digital implementation and enjoyable gameplay.

We assigned the tasks: Vera, a trained game designer, assumed the organisation and project management, programming and game design. Me, an author and illustrator, was responsible for writing, art and sound and music. Both of us were full of ideas, energy and motivation and in hindsight I can attest to our persistence and incredible teamwork skills – always a challenge when personal and professional relationships overlap.

Four disciplines emerged during the design process: Jump for Height, Press o’War, Hillrace and Biting Patterns, a very sheep oriented event that eventually had to be reworked during development into Puzzeling Patterns. The foundations had been laid.

Startszene Jump for Height
Startszene Press o’War
Startszene Hillrace
Puzzeling Patterns

To be continued …