Conner MacSheep – how it came about

It all started one summer evening while walking in a tiny village in the Scottish Highlands. We – my husband, our daughter and I – enjoyed the spicy evening air. The sky was clear and adorned with a sensationally bright full moon. Silence. The silhouette of a large deciduous tree stood out against the horizon. Then suddenly – a friendly Bähähä and another and another…
A whole flock of sheep greeted us. An image arose in my head that became firmly anchored: a moonstruck sheep standing on a hill and bleating at the moon with its pink ears erect, a “weresheep” so to speak.
I liked this idea so much that it became “The Legend of Conner MacSheep.” A short novel about the life and doings of this weresheep, which shows an astonishing (?) parallelism with the Scottish population: whiskey, sweets and the Highland (Sheep) Games.

And because the images in my head were so vivid, the story was also created as a graphic novel. That could have been enough, but the sheep were still static.

Until now! My daughter and I breathed life into the sheep. I painted them. She taught them how to walk digitally.

Have fun with ALL forms of this very humane sheep,
Elfi Schöniger